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A Maven is an individual who has invested $1000 or more into the FORUS platform, and who is then invited to introduce projects for funding and participate in oversight of the funds invested through the platform.

The paradigm has shifted -
is the future.

The Maven Program

A Practical Introduction

We have adopted an outcomes-based approach to Mavenship. Learn to invest on the FORUS platform and do so alongside a team of specialists. With course material, guest lectures, weekly mailers and meetups.  

The Equity Token

Built on a Public Utility Blockchain

MahalaX is the FORUS equity token and generates returns from participation in all income generation on the platform.
MahalaX was launched in March 2018, and was valued at $0.50c. As of November 2020, the token is worth $100. The MahalaX value will increase as the number of FORUS users increase and as the business grows.
Maven Inquiries

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South Africa

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