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A powerful network of industrialists assembled for constructive disruption.
Leading the 4th industrial revolution.


This, is the new normal.

The paradigm has shifted, The values and goals of FORUS are the future…
These are the tools.


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for sustainability

What are Mavens?

Not what, who

The paradigm has shifted -FORUS is the future… free money, digital access to markets and education for every human on the planet.  Leading the 4th industrial revolution. This is all happening now…
This is the new normal.

A Maven is an individual who has invested $1000 or more into the FORUS platform, and who is then invited to introduce projects for funding and participate in oversight of the funds invested through the platform.

FORUS has created a pool of Mavens – who, investing collectively are raising money to invest in projects.

Mavens bring oversight to key projects and programs and are playing a key role in introducing the FORUS Digital platform and tools to new markets.

Meet the Mavens.

the industrialists behind the platform

We are all industrialists. The Mavens are set to change the way the world works


Business owner

The Mavens are what the world needs now.

Prof. Deon Pretorius


Zakhele Myeza

Entrepreneur, Maven

Nomvula Phangisa

Entrepreneur, Maven

Ard Matthews

Artist, Maven

Ed Gillespie

Maven, Sustainability

Dr Geraldine Brennan

Circular Economy, Maven

Deon Pretorius

Maven, Sociology

Become a Maven.

now its your turn

We have Legal Mavens, Financial Mavens, Mavens in governance, engineering and the arts… and the pool has only just begun. 

Mavens each receive 15 MahalaX (MHX).

MahalaX is the FORUS equity token and generates returns from participation in all income generation on the platform.

MahalaX was launched in March 2018, and was valued at $16. As of September 2020, the token is worth $60. The MahalaX value will increase as the number of FORUS users increase and as the business grows.


industries & communities




for sustainability

A Maven Fund.

the african wealth fund

The African Wealth Fund has been designed to take the first risk on projects, and to provide a means to securitize SMME and micro agriculture finance at scale. FORUS has created a dynamic and efficient funding mechanism with live visibility into the performance of the underlying investments.

MahalaX and the African Wealth Fund are investing in businesses operating in the Fintech, Agri-tech, Education, Sharing Economy, Student Housing, Transport Cooperatives and Tourism.

All Funds Invested will be done so on the FORUS Digital Platform. 

The Maven Fund is the first fund to be deployed on the FORUS Digital platform, and each Maven who invests will be sent ZAR 10K to invest in a project during the FORUS Sandbox in July and August 2020.


Your initial Starting Funds


Medical Cannabis and Industrial hemp.

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Inventory finance for Merchants.

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FORUS has launched its Blockchain and API's.

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Financial relief for Hotels and Restaurants.

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The Arts

Funding for the Entertainment industry.

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Mavens involved.

the bounty

Mavens can assist FORUS in oversight with regards to governance for each class of blockchain services and activity, these classes include Wallets, Banking, Exchange, Payment, Ecommerce, Identity, Taxation, Incentives, Logistics, Governance, Compliance and Reporting.

As the platform utility is brought to market in various countries and sectors, Mavens will be engaged in oversight and governance as appropriate. Mavens will be invited to join structures and committees, who will be remunerated through a multiple tiered bounty structure.

Country License Auctions:

the world-wide rollout

FORUS will be rolling out across the world using a similar methodology in each country.

Maven’s in each country will introduce the solutions to their sectors. Once we have enough traction in each country, we will auction the marketing rights to the FORUS Digital platform in that country to a network operator.

The auction in each country will be managed by applications contracted in each country. Network operators who apply to participate will be asked to pay a $100k refundable deposit, and a reserve will be set in each country based on the volume of users signed up at the time of the auction.

The FORUS Digital marketing licence partner participates in 20% of the revenue in the country.


Remember... This is the new normal.


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