Ke Nako Future-Fit. It’s Time for Positive Investment.

By Josephine Matthews.

Earlier this month, at the  during London Climate Week, Andrés Landerretche, COP25 Presidency Coordinator, Chilean Ministry of Environment, declared to the gathered Green Finance Investor Community that the time for talking is done and that the world will gather for COP25 in December in Chile in “Implementation Mode”.

We heard Mary Robinson, Chair, The Elders, declare that she took their mandate from Mandela, alongside her Deputies, Ban Ki-Moon and Graca Michel. As former Irish President, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, and current Patron of the International Science Council, she called on global investors to accept the science, to make climate change personal, and to get angry and active. Finally she called for a clear and transparent database of our current impact, so we can stop investing in activities that destroy our planet, whilst simultaneously accelerating investment in regenerative projects towards a 1.5 degrees climate, because last October 2018, the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave us 12 years to take radical action, and it is now July of Year 11.

We also heard John Green, Co-CEO of Investec Asset Management, call on the global finance and investment sector to “develop the capacity to discern what a positive investment looks like with respect to a 1.5 degree world”, and for more mainstream conversations around ‘What is a Positive Investment?’ He also shared Investecs startlingly (or not) conclusions, from their study of over 700 companies, that only around 200 could be considered ‘Positive Investments’ by their criteria and furthermore, that nearly none of these are listed on any major global stock exchange. Investecs experience is also just dawning on the horizon of pensions funds. Just one month ago,  become the first pension fund to issue a tender for a EUR160 million global equity mandate, with a specific requirement for the Asset Manager to operate the fund in accordance with “Future-Fit Positive Pursuits”, that is pursuing outcomes that contribute to a Future-Fit Society.

The FORUS Foundation is committed to building the  into the heart of the FORUS Global Digital Exchange, thereby setting us all on the shared journey, our global ‘Long Walk’ towards a Future-Fit Society. the Long Walk to a Future-Fit Society, which goes beyond the Sustainable Development Goals, embraces a fair and just transition to a 1.5 degrees climate.

Today, on 18th July 2019, on Nelson Mandela International Day, here in the Eastern Cape, where Mandela began his Long Walk to Freedom, we launch , powered by the FORUS Global Digital Exchange, to activate the Eastern Cape’s Long Walk to a Future-Fit Society. We call on the world to join us in December, at COP25, when nations gather in “Implementation Mode”, to learn from our experience, to adopt the FORUS Global Digital Exchange to accelerate your journey, and to join us in the Long Walk to a Future-Fit Society, building on a regenerative, restorative economy in harmony with all Life on Earth.

Josephine is a corporate sustainable investment strategist, sustainable business architect and founder of Sustainable Value Creation Ltd, a consultancy focused on supporting transformation of the global economy to within a safe operating space for humanity.

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